In 2004, the Company decided to go into energy industry and group companies started construction of Hydroelectric power plants (HPP) after obtaining license for 3 HPPs. Subsequently, with an increased focus on HPP construction, Spor Yapı A.Ş., has undertaken all construction projects of the energy group.

The first project of the group companies, Cansu HPP was put into service in 2008 in Artvin/Murgul. Located in Artvin Murgul, Cansu HPP is one of the first power plants to enter into a water supply agreement with the Directorate General for State Hydraulic Works (DSİ).

Esendurak HPP, the second project of the group companies, was put into service in 2012 in Erzurum/Tortum.

Our company provides consulting services in technical and management issues throughout the entire investment project from project selection to commencement of power plant operations for hydropower plant investors operating in renewable energy industry.

Construction companies within the group have successfully completed and delivered a wide range of undertaking services in their respective fields as part of HPP projects for other companies in their regions, including regulator, water intake structure and power station construction.

Besides own construction projects, Spor Yapı A.Ş. has also bid for and completed construction of several projects by engaging in consortia with other major energy and construction companies in Turkey thanks to our proven track-record in HPP construction projects. Relying on our extensive know-how and experience in our field, Spor Yapı A.Ş. continues to focus on HPP and road construction projects.