Tree Planting and Germination

As part of 65 sports facilities projects of Spor Yapi A.S. approximately 40.000 trees have been planted and projects for sodding of a land of 12.000.000 m² have been realized until now (Galatasaray Florya Facilities, Besiktas Nevzat Demir Facilities, Fenerbahce Dereagzi Facilities, etc.).

Tree Planting at Adapazarı and Erzurum

Spor Yapi has realized more than approximately 20.000 planting works at 2 Grass Production Facilities in Adapazari/Akyazi and Erzurum where Spor Yapi maintains its operations successfully.

Tree Planting at Artvin / Murgul

During construction works for Cansu Hydroelectric Power Plant owned by Cansu Elektrik Uretim A.S., one of the Group companies, in Murgul, Artvin, 130 little trees were cut, but replaced with newly-planted 8.100 trees.

Support for Young Football Players

The young population became organized in Murgul to form football teams; and our Company supported this project in order for guiding the young population to sports.

Road Constructions

We have provided contributions for construction of village roads in Murgul.

Support for Beekeeping

We have engaged in beekeeping activity again in Murgul thanks to the efforts of our employees, thereby supporting the beekeeping business carried out across the region.

Mosque Construction

We have become organized with the other companies, situated near our power plant, and we have constructed a common mosque and put it into use by the local people for religious service.

Recruitment of Partridge Exhausted Partridge

We have started to breed partridges, one of the endangering species but ornament of the nature, inside our power plant, and we have released approximately 150-200 partridges to the nature on annual basis. This project has been carried out for 7 years.

Tree Planting at Erzurum / Tortum

Since the construction area of Esendurak Hydroelectric Power Plant, the second project of our Group in Tortum, Erzurum, is unwooded, any tree-cutting process has not taken place. Despite the fact that not any tree has been cut, our company has planted nearly 4.000 trees.

Water Aids

We have provided contributions to not only the irrigation project of 2 villages, but also the potable water project of 1 village.

Water Flood Fighting Work

The stream, flowing through the region of the hydroelectric power plant, flooded for long years, turning many lands into stream beds. Our Company constructed anti-flood walls of 1.800 meters alongside the stream and filled the backside of the walls with soil, thereby, it managed to restore the lands of tens of families.

Bridge Construction and Fighting with Floods

Seeing that the villagers, living in Esendurak Village, crossed over the stream by primitive methods in a dangerous way, our Company constructed a reinforced concrete bridge in the village. We have also constructed reinforced concrete retaining walls in order to prevent the flooding and deluge risks of some lands located in the village.

Mosque Construction at Esendurak Village

  • We have provided contributions to the internal design of the Mosque such as mihrab and minber.
  • We have provided contributions to construction of ablution place and toilets of the Mosque situated in Esendurak Village.

Clothing and Educational Aids

  • We have provided clothes and educational materials for the primary school students coming from low-income families across the region.
  • We have, again, provided various supports for the region-wide low-income families.